Practice Profile
Toby Fletcher and Ian Crane met as contemporaries at the Brighton School of Architecture. Formative years of studying were under the careful stewardship of tutors such as David Robson, Stephen Proctor and Andrew Matthews. 

Several architectural ‘Grand Tours’ to Europe included a pilgrimage to see the buildings of Le Corbusier which saw a common design appreciation develop.

We are passionate about innovative, crafted and thoughtful architecture. Design skill, communication, organisation and deliverability are are key components of our service. We design for delight and longevity, providing an architecture that is not rooted to a particular moment but one that transcends fashions.

We are intuitive, enthusiastic and energetic designers and thrive on intensive dialogue. We adopt an open, engaging and collaborative approach to the design and construction process. Using a variety of mediums to communicate ideas quickly and effectively we develop clients' briefs clearly and carefully to enable projects to exceed expectations.

The formation of Fletcher Crane Architects represented a natural progression and provided a platform to deliver a design and client led approach to a rapidly growing and maturing portfolio of work. Today the practice is fortunate to be connected with a strong network of consultants and collaborators, providing strength and depth to a growing professional service.