London Bridge, London

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Calverts Yard is a multi-unit residential development located on Borough High Street near London Bridge. Comprising a town house, duplex apartments and studios, each dwelling is arranged around a central courtyard. The external massing is conceived as a carved block; where entrances are excavated from the heavy masonry facades. Juxtaposing this is the central courtyard, all clad in lightweight polycarbonate panelling from which a sculptural spiral staircase serves each storey. Apartments benefit from both outward facing views through the heavy masonry and an inward aspect, via the translucent panels, ensuring a filtered light to the internal spaces. 

The external language emphasises the influence of the adjacent neighbouring facades in scale and reference the detailing found in the Borough yards. A combination of light coloured stucco and brick ensure the scheme is seen as a sensitive addition to the intimate and historic setting through carefully considered friezes in the architectural order. In combination, the overall scheme references and evolves the character of the Yard, where ‘shop fronts’ facades at ground level give way to a monolithic and enduring architecture above.