Paddington, London 

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Beneath a seventeen storey high rise tower, The Water Gardens Pod - a three bedroom dwelling - has been designed and delivered for The Church Commissioners. Situated on an elevated platform associated to the main tower, the mosaic clad form is conceived as though the addition has been excavated and subsequently pulled from the host building. Upon entering the Pod through the main tower, an open plan kitchen and dining space benefit from fully glazed walls overlooking the water gardens in the distance. A glass link straddles the transitionary threshold to the mono pitched pod which accommodates three inward looking bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The Pod is constructed from cross laminated timber (CLT), a pre-fabricated sustainable building material which is assembled on site, allowing for speed in construction delivery. The CLT is expressed internally where generally materials are kept bare and exposed. The home is clad in black and white mosaic tiles whilst the remaining elements of the platform have been planted with meadow grasses. This intervention mimics and forms a visual extension to the overall context, ensuring the scheme reads as parts of the same whole.

Photography by Ståle Eriksen
Architects’ Journal